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COVID-19 Updates

Elite Woodhams Relocation (EWR) sincerely thanks you for your support during these unprecedented times. It is no secret that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has stopped the normal routines of the people across the world. EWR are taking precautions to minimise the spread of this deadly virus with all office staff working remotely and abiding by social distancing regulations and local laws. 


EWR continues to work with clients, assignees and employees to ensure our services adapt and are carried out safely and effectively. We remain a constant support to each other through these challenging times.  

If you have an upcoming relocation you would like to discuss or have any questions in relation to how EWR are working through COVID-19 please contact us.

Where can you currently relocate to? 


Get the latest information on how coronavirus (COVID-19) boarder restrictions and quarantine are affecting relocations around the world.

*Please note Elite Woodhams Relocation Services are available in the listed countries below however will slightly differ depending on local guidelines. All of our services offered meet physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning regulations outline in each country.

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