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Australian State and Territory Border Restrictions Update - COVID-19

Updated: Aug 18

Updated August 18th 2020

The Australian Domestic Boarders are changing daily. With increased restrictions in some states, navigating travel and relocation within Australia can be challenging. With our own consultants in every State (Regional and Metro), Elite Woodhams Relocation is ready to help you or your employees navigate the boarder restrictions and ensure a smooth transition, anywhere, anyhow.

We have put an update together on each of the State and Territory Boarder Restrictions including information on local restrictions in each location. We've also shared our go to travel information for each state... Australian Traveller's 100 Ways to Holiday Here This Year.


As of June 1, New South Wales residents were able to travel freely and holiday within the state, utilising all methods of transport including flights. From July 8, New South Wales boarders are open except to Victorian residents. This includes air, road and rail connections. NSW residents who travel to Victoria can return, but they must apply for a permit and isolate for 14 days when they arrive.

There are no other closures or restrictions on NSW’s borders for other states.

Health and self-isolation: NSW Health

General information: NSW Government

Schools: NSW Department of Education

Travel restrictions: Travel and transport

Work: SafeWork NSW

Government Services: Service NSW

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In line with advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer, the Victorian Government has announced that as of 6pm on Sunday the 2nd of August, Metropolitan Melbourne will move to Stage 4 hard lockdown restrictions until 11:59 pm on Sunday, 13 September. A curfew will be in operation from 8pm to 5am daily and people are only allowed to leave their house for work and essential health, care or safety reasons.

As of Aug 5, the rest of Victoria will remain in Stage 3 Stay at Home restrictions until mid-September including Mitchell Shire.

From 11:59pm on Sunday 2 August, face coverings will also be mandatory for all of Victoria.

Victorian borders are open, though travel to the state is not advised.

Health and self-isolation: Victoria Department of Health and Human Services

General information: Victorian Government

Schools: Department of Education and Training

Travel restrictions:Victoria Department of Health – Stay at Home Direction

Work: WorkSafe Victoria

Government services: Service Victoria

Australian Traveller: 100 Ways to Holiday Here This Year - VIC


As of June 1, Queenslanders could undertake unlimited travel including overnight stays throughout the entire state.

As of 1am on Aug 8, Queensland’s borders will close to ALL residents from Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Terriroty.

From July 10, Queensland borders reopened to all other State and Territory residents. However travellers will be required to complete a ‘Queensland Border Declaration Pass‘ and produce a form of identification with your Queensland residential address on it. Passengers will be refused entry to QLD and sent back home if they attempt to arrive in the state without meeting the requested criteria.

Health and self-isolation: Queensland Health

General information: Queensland Government

Schools: Queensland Department of Education

Travel restrictions: Queensland Government - border closure

Work: Queensland Workplace Health and Safety

Industry and business: Queensland Government – Resources for Industry, Business Queensland

Government services: Queensland Service Finder

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There are no restrictions on travel within the state for South Australians.

As of Wednesday 29 July, only essential travellers will be able to enter South Australia from Victoria. South Australians will no longer be able to return to South Australia from Victoria.

As of July 20, South Australia will reopen its borders to all state and territory residents except Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT. NSW and ACT residents arriving can enter SA as long as they quarantine on arrival for 14 days. Only essential travellers will be able to enter South Australia from Victoria.

South Australians will no longer be able to return to South Australia from Victoria. All other South Australian residents travelling from Victoria will be required to undertake a COVID-19 test within 24 hours of their arrival and be forced to wear a face mask.

Cross Border Travel Registration must be completed to enter South Australia at least three days before you leave your origin, regardless of where your travel begins.

Health and self-isolation: SA Health

General information: Government of South Australia

Schools: South Australia Department for Education

Travel restrictions: Government of South Australia - Cross-border travel

Work: SafeWork SA

Government services: Service SA

Australian Traveller: 100 Ways to Holiday Here This Year - SA


Strict border closures of all WA boarders are in place, you cannot enter Western Australia without an exemption. The WA government has announced they will not reopen their boarders until further notice.

No one will be allowed into WA if they have been in, or have transited through, Victoria or New South Wales in the previous 14 days unless they meet new exemption requirements.

Health and self-isolation: Department of Health – Healthy WA

General information: Government of Western Australia

Schools: Western Australia Department of Education

Travel restrictions: Government of Western Australia - Advice on travelling to and within WA, and WA state border closure

Work: WorkSafe Western Australia

Government services: WA.GOV.AU

Australian Traveller: 100 Ways to Holiday Here This Year - WA


As of July 17, The Northern Territory border reopened to all other state and territory residents except Victoria and Sydney hotspot residents. Any Sydney residents entering will be forced into strict mandatory supervised quarantine at the Howard Springs facility at a personal cost of $2,500 per person.

Anyone arriving in the NT must complete a Border Entry Form online up to 72 hours before entering the NT. All new arrivals will be tested for COVID-19 within their first 72 hours of self-isolation and tested again in the final 72 hours.

Health and self-isolation: Northern Territory Department of Health

General information: Northern Territory Government

Schools: Northern Territory Schools

Travel restrictions: Northern Territory Government – Travel, and Northern Territory Government - Border controls

Work: NT WorkSafe

Government services: NT.GOV.AU

Australian Traveller: 100 Ways to Holiday Here This Year - NT


Currently, Tasmania has the strict temporary closure of its borders for all non-Tasmanian residents. The Tasmanian government will not be opening their borders until at least 1 December 2020 to any other states or territories.

Once a border reopening date is confirmed, entrants from NT, SA and WA will need to fill out their information on the Good to Go App in terms of where they have been in the past 14 days. Victorians are banned from entering Tasmania without an exemption.

Health and self-isolation: Tasmanian Department of Health

General information: Tasmanian Government

Schools: Tasmanian Department of Education

Travel restrictions: Tasmanian Government – Travellers and visitors

Work: Business Tasmania

Government services: Service Tasmania

Australian Traveller: 100 Ways to Holiday Here This Year - TAS


From July 8, the ACT border is closed to travellers from Victoria unless those travellers have an exemption to enter.

Any returning ACT residents from Victoria must apply for an exemption to travel and on return to their homes for a 14-day quarantine. Both adults and children are required to notify ACT Health Authorities their intention to return.

There are no other closures or restrictions on ACT’s borders.

Health and self-isolation: ACT Health

General information: ACT Government

Schools: ACT Education

Travel restrictions: ACT Government - Travellers

Work: WorkSafe ACT

Government services: Access Canberra

Australian Traveller: 100 Ways to Holiday Here This Year - ACT

State and Territory Government information

Please refer to your local state government for the latest responses to the coronavirus pandemic. You can also check restrictions in all states and territories using the COVID-19 Restriction Checker.

All information above is as of 19.00 AEST - August 18th 2020 and subject to change at anytime.

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