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Be Meaningfully Connected - Be Curious

Be Delightful - Be Dependable - Be Proactive

What drives us

With great respect to our history, we continue on our journey with a vision and a clear set of guiding principles: Our Values.

Our Vision is smooth transitions, wherever, however.

Our Mission is to support organisations in delivering first-class relocation services so their people thrive in their new location.

Our Core Values are central to who we are and how we do business. They guide us, shape our culture, and help us make decisions. These guidelines for how we do things – how we do everything – help us accomplish a lot and have fun in the process.

Be Meaningfully Connected

From colleagues to partners, customers to assignees, every relationship matters and is treated with care and respect. Listen and learn.

Meaningful Connections.jpeg

Be Curious

Think outside the box. Be willing to learn and improve the way you work, uncover new things. Listen and learn from others’ point of view. Celebrate cultural diversity.

Be Delightful

Have fun and take pride in working for EWR. Go the extra mile. When you love what you do, it’s easy to be delightful.

Confrence Call.jpg

Be Dependable

Corporate customers (HR, Procurement), Relocation Management Companies, assignees, colleagues and partners all rely on us. Be consistent, but also be reliable to implement the best solution for them, not for us. Be the guiding hand at every turn.

Be Proactive

Actively seek opportunities to improve our client’s relocation experience, our processes and our abilities. Be one step ahead.


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