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About us

Smooth employee transitions, wherever their destination, whatever their needs.

Our Mission is to lead the way in relocation excellence while paving the pathway for seamless transitions.

Our History

With a combined 50 years’ industry experience, you can rely on EWR's international network to support you. We are immensely proud of our history and are constantly looking forward. We capitalise on our knowledge to innovate and create value for our clients and our industry alike.


Our Team

We have earned the trust and respect of customers to relocate their people for one simple reason – we have great people: experts in their field, with first-hand experience, passionate about what they do, always looking to improve the relocation experience.

Our Clients

Our clients, some over 20 years, rely on our expertise to take care of their people. Whether you’re a blue-chip multinational, a government department or a tech start up, we have the experience to help your industry and understand its nuances. We will take care of your needs competently and efficiently right from day one.


Our Values

Values lie at the very core of our company's DNA. Fostering a culture of creating meaningful relationships, being dependable and proactive are critical to our success. At EWR, we marry the human touch with innovation and technology, underpinned by robust quality assurance systems.

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