Destination Services

Local Knowledge, Global Expertise

We are committed to fostering amazing relationships with all our clients to deliver first class solutions. We understand that HR and Relocation Managers must work within the scope of relocation policies and are well versed at aligning our services to meet organisations’ specific needs.

We are known for not simply ticking boxes, but really caring about the outcome to ensure employees are settled and on the right path to a successful assignment.


Destination Briefings

Local insight provided by an independent expert is invaluable to candidates or employees considering a move. They will have an opportunity to learn, ask and discuss their needs and concerns. A professional, experienced consultant answers all the questions around relocation to a new city so the candidate feels more comfortable with the potential move. Our consultants have relocated themselves, often having had previous careers in the corporate world and their empathy transcends the distance. This is a virtual service.

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Our accompanied orientation is an immersion into the destination city. We will provide comprehensive insight into a number of neighbourhoods, addressing individual concerns, providing genuine and realistic local knowledge. Our orientation takes away the mystery and gives confidence around the move to the destination city and is well worth the investment.


Home Search

Assignees will benefit from in-depth local knowledge from a relocation consultant who can align budgets with expectations to find the right home for them. Through collaborating with our consultant on our EWR Portal, the assignee can engage in their own pre-selection of properties, making the home search efficient and productive. We will minimise the risk of pitfalls and negotiate the lease in your organisation or your employee’s best interests.  Your assignee can hit the ground running. This program can be delivered virtually, unaccompanied or accompanied.

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Education & Childcare

We understand the best possible education is every parent’s priority and this is no different when relocating. Finding the right school in a new location is daunting and critical to a family’s move. We specifically focus on identifying and securing the most appropriate schooling options. From school tours to enrolment, our consultant will assist every step of the way.



There is so much more to a relocation than simply finding a home. We will ensure your employee is genuinely settled, assisting with as many tasks to ensure they feel at home in their new location. Whether obtaining a tax file number or a bank account, sourcing a local yoga studio or social network, our dedicated consultants will customize the service according to the employee’s specific needs.

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Departure Services

When the time comes to leave, our comprehensive departure service extends far beyond simply ending a lease agreement. Local knowledge is essential when negotiating to ensure the full return of the rental bond. We will also help with concluding other important administrative tasks to ensure a smooth departure.


Tenancy Management

Let us take the administrative burden of managing a tenancy off your desk. We will provide full support throughout the duration of a lease, assisting with implementing and renewing a contract, dealing with tradespeople, agents and controlling dilapidation. We can also pay the rent and bond on your behalf through our expense management service.

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Expense Management

We understand the complexity of your finance systems – setting up new vendors, making timely payments or converting to local currency can be challenging.  Let us do this for you so urgent or on-going payments can be met.  We can easily pay for accommodation, rental, flights, removalists, school fees and furniture rental.


Virtual Support

Time is precious when relocating. Collaborating with our team through online tools arms the assignee to manage much of their relocation themselves. Our Virtual home search  program allows your assignee to move straight into a home, saving money on short-term accommodation.

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Cultural Training

A tailored program designed to prepare executives and their families to the new environment and give them the tools to adapt quickly and efficiently.


Thanks to this training you will be able to: 

  • Understand the country and its environment which influence behaviours 

  • To adapt quickly to the social and cultural environment 

  • To communicate and interact daily with Australians 

  • To embrace the new life and settle in Australia 


Before I started this process I didn’t know I really needed a relocation company or understand what the benefit of having one could do for me - I just took my employer up on the offer to use one. After this experience and recognizing all the unknowns that can occur, using Elite Woodhams and Vicki, in particular, relieved a ton of stress and additional headache that would have been hard for me to manage on my own.