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Longing for the island life? Relocate to the Cook Islands.

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Sometimes we relocate people to places which are on the holiday bucket list for others. The Cook Islands is one of those destinations: think of sparkling blue lagoons, pristine white sandy beaches, rich coral reefs, soaring volcanic rock formations and abundant rain forest. Sadly, even the Cook Islands, which has not had any cases of Covid-19, is feeling the ramifications of the virus on its economy, especially tourism. Hopefully, better times lie ahead as the Cook Islands hopes for a travel bubble between itself and New Zealand. The Cook Islands’ current border settings have a pre-requisite of 30 days prior residence in New Zealand for entry and this will remain in place until at least September with air access to the Cook Islands via Auckland remaining until at least December. Meanwhile a rapid training programme has been developed to prepare for the re-opening of the tourism industry to help keep the Cook Islands COVID free. The Kia Orana Plus programme will be training trainers from the 23rd July, before being rolled out to the wider community.

For those waiting to relocate to The Cook Islands, hang on in there because it will be worth the wait!  Rarotonga is only 32kms in circumference allowing you to drive around the island in your lunch break, especially as there are no traffic lights! Raratonga is not a place of skyscrapers and fast food outlets: this is a place where people know each other, and community is prized above all else. There is also plenty to do in your free time.  There are a wide variety of restaurants and cafes to choose from all of which will welcome you warmly, as well as nightclubs and lively bars. Sunsets from Muri Beach or along the western side of Rarotonga are spectacular and different every evening. The sea is a huge attraction and most people enjoy the spectacular snorkelling or invest in a kayak or paddleboard to make the most of the clarity of Raratonga’s balmy lagoon. This is also a diver’s and fisherman’s paradise with deep sea fishing hauling in some interesting catches! Other sports played include golf, cricket, soccer, touch football, rugby and there are gyms for those who prefer indoor workouts. If you enjoy sailing or kite surfing you are will be in your element. Hiking is also popular.

The Cook Islands is a small community with a big heart and while the amenities you might be used to in larger cities are not part of the offering, this is a place where strong relationships are forged and people have big smiles. We are on hand to assist in finding the right place to live, the right school and to assist with settling in!


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