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Trans-Tasman Bubble Travel... What you need to consider...

As of 11:59pm on the 18th of April, the Trans-Tasman travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand will enable passengers from Australia and New Zealand to travel freely between the countries without needing to quarantine (if booking on a “green zone flight”).

While everyone’s circumstances are individual, there are a number of general things to consider if you are thinking about travelling within the Trans-Tasman Bubble for holiday or business.

  • The travel bubble (quarantine free travel) could be paused or suspended at any time with little or no notice;

  • Australian citizens and permanent residents can travel to New Zealand without applying for an outwards travel exemption

  • In order to travel on a quarantine free flight you must have spent 14 days or more in either Australia or New Zealand immediately before your departing flight - you are able to visit Australia or New Zealand for any length of time and are not required to stay for 14 days;

  • There is no vaccine requirement and you don't need to take a COVID-19 test to travel however you must meet the Australian and/or New Zealand Government health pre-conditions and will not be allowed to travel if you have cold or flu like symptoms, are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, or have had a positive result in the past 14 days.

  • You must meet all the normal immigration and biosecurity entry requirements, for example, you will need to hold a valid visa allowing you to enter and stay in Australia or New Zealand;

  • You must wear a face covering or mask at the airport and throughout the flight.

WARNING: Border restrictions can change quickly. Travelers must prepare for disruption to their plans.


If you're flying into Australia...

You'll need to complete the Australian Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before departure. Depending on the state or territory you're travelling to, there may be further requirements. Please check the local state or territories authority to enter for update to date advice.

If you are travelling into New South Wales, you will need to complete the New South Wales Government's New Zealand arrival declaration form

If you are travelling into Victoria, you will need to apply online for a green zone permit.

If you are travelling into Northern Territory, you will need to fill in a border entry application.

If you are travelling into Western Australia, you will need to complete a G2G Pass.

If you are not an Australian Citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident you will need to ensure that your current Australian visa allows you to return to Australia after your trip to New Zealand, for example, if you are presently in Australia on a bridging visa A you will need to apply for, and be granted, a bridging visa B with travel rights allowing your trip to New Zealand before you leave Australia. New Zealand citizens in Australia on subclass 444 (SCV) visas travelling to New Zealand will be issued with a new SCV visa when they return to Australia.

If you're flying into New Zealand...

You'll need to complete the Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before departure. Australian and New Zealand citizens may travel between Australia and New Zealand without a visa or NZeTA. Quarantine-free travel is only permitted on commercial airlines. Border restrictions remain in place for private flights and the maritime border.


Green Zone Flights...

Green and red zones have been created at airports in Australia to ensure the separation of passengers arriving on quarantine-free flights from other passengers who are required to enter 14 days mandatory quarantine.

Green Zone flights which are only for Australia-New Zealand travel bubble passengers. Red Zone flights are for all other countries. The two zones are separate in the airports.

If you arrive on a quarantine-free flight, you will be guided through a green zone to complete all border clearance processes in the airport of arrival in Australia.

For further information for travellers arriving on quarantine-free flights see Department of Health website.


For more information regarding travel to New Zealand or Australia please check the relevant Home Affairs websites -


For further advice on visa requirements into Australia, please contact our visa team at

For further advice on relocation support into Australia or New Zealand, please contact us at


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