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Frequently asked questions

What is the value of using a relocation company?  

The expertise of using a relocation company can’t be underestimated. Local knowledge and strong networks open doors for newcomers, save costs and minimise risk, making the relocation less stressful and more cost-effective. Orientation, home search, school search and settling-in can be time consuming and distract the employee from doing their job and building important work relationships. A dedicated relocation consultant sorting all the difficult, but essential, matters behind the scenes is a smart investment. A professionally managed relocation gives precious time back to HR and Global Mobility teams. A first-rate onboarding experience in turn fosters employee loyalty.  

What should I look for when selecting a relocation company? 

It’s important that the relocation company has a solid track record and good reputation. Relocation has been proven to be extremely stressful, so it’s important to have the right level of support.  All relocations are different, so look for a relocation company which provides services tailored to the individual’s needs. It’s also helpful when the relocation consultants have experienced a relocation themselves. This gives them great empathy for what the employee will go through and an understanding of the pressures involved – whether work or family, moving home or finding a school. Technology is great, but human touch is critical.  


As well as comprehensive support and strong customer service, it is also useful to check that the relocation company has network coverage to assist with moves in other parts of the world. A relocation company that can support a company’s growth to new markets is great for consistency in service delivery.  


What are the most common services? 

Good relocation companies offer end-to-end services to support the assignee through the life of their assignment. This includes ‘on the ground’ support such as removals management, orientation, home search, education search, settling in, cultural training, spousal support and departure assistance. Some companies also offer visa and corporate housing services in-house. Your relocation company should also be able to assist with other aspects of the move through their networks such as tax advice, legal advice, language training, etc. A relocation company which can tailor a bundled service to suit an individual’s or company’s requirements is an advantage. 

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