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Rising Short-term Accommodation Costs

Continuing growth in demand for short-term accommodation has resulted in upward pressure on prices.

We have seen increases in recent times averaging at least 10% per year and in some cases considerably more. As a consequence budgets may need revision.

Some Budgets Cannot Meet Expectations

We are seeing some employers struggling to achieve acceptable standards of accommodation for their staff. There have been some recent examples where the employee had to change to alternative, higher cost accommodation at short-notice as they were disappointed in the standard of accommodation the set budget would

allow for. Obviously we would like to avoid this.

What Can You Expect to Pay?

Below is a current guide to costs for corporate accommodation in Sydney. For other cities, costs are generally a little lower.

Serviced Apartment Rates Serviced ApartmentsBasic (Weekly $)Executive (Weekly $)Luxury (Weekly $) 1 Bedroom1,550 - 1,8501,850 - 2,2002,200 - 2,850 2 Bedroom1,850 - 2,2502,250 - 2,8502,850 - 4,600 3 Bedroom2,650 - 2,9502,950 - 4,2004,200 - 5,200

Furnished Apartments Rates Furnished ApartmentsBasic (Weekly $)Executive (Weekly $)Luxury (Weekly $) 1 Bedroom1,450 - 1,6501,600 - 1,8001,800 - 2,000 2 Bedroom1,800 - 2,0002,000 - 2,3002,300 - 2,800 3 Bedroom2,100 - 2,4002,300 - 2,7002,700 - 4,500

For more information or for a free Guide to Short-term Accommodation Costs please email


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