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Image by David Watkis

What to Expect from an Australian Christmas

There’s no snow, egg nog or Christmas jumpers, but we wouldn’t swap an Aussie Christmas for anything. We use Christmas time to spend the afternoon at the beach, take a dip in the pool and enjoy the long summer nights.

Whilst many traditions orginate from England, there are a few notable differences.

Christmas Food & Drink


Many Australians will still cook a “traditional” UK-style roast turkey or ham with all the trimmings. However, due to the heat, alternatives such as delicious king prawns, BBQs outside and fresh mango are just as popular. You can still buy mince pies and Christmas puddings Down Under, but people also make pavlovas – an unbelievably good dessert of meringue, fresh fuit & whipped cream goodness!


This is the time of year when schools shut for their main summer holidays. So many families take extended leave for their annual holiday and businesses shut. Some industries such as the real estate market, building and recruitment won’t start up again until the end of January. Finding an electrician at Christmas can be tricky and expensive!

Australia has a very diverse population and there are many people who don’t recognize Christmas. However, they will still take the opportunity to relax and reconnect with family, friends and the great outdoors.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Woodhams Relocation Centre!


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