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Why ISO9001 is so Important to EWR

Elite Woodhams Relocation’s commitment to quality has become a hallmark of our success and is why our clients have been such staunch supporters of ours for so long. This is why the ISO9001 accreditation is so important to us and we are incredibly proud to have re-certified for the 12th year.

ISO is an international, non-governmental, independent organisation that develops voluntary, market relevant international standards. Some well-known standards include ISO9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 27001 (IT security management).

ISO 9001 is the world’s most recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard. It looks at key principles including leadership, customer focus, process approach, improvement, engagement of people and decision making.

The relocation industry does not have any industry-specific licenses or certifications legally required to operate. Holding ISO 9001 certification gives objective proof to clients, suppliers, partners, staff and the public, that running a quality operation with customer satisfaction at the centre is the heart of your business.

Elite Woodhams Relocation has helped thousands of individuals and families relocate to, from and around Australia over the last 30 years. With services ranging from home search and short-term accommodation to visas and settling-in support, each engagement, delivered by our team who have all relocated themselves, is tailored to the individual’s needs, whilst being compliant with our clients’ policies. The result? A truly settled employee and family who is not just surviving but thriving. However, a personalised service is only half the story. The other, very important, is process governance. This is our ability to effectively support our clients to ensure a consistent, dependable, transparent process that will reliably deliver services on time and within budget. The ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality and requires us to make continuous improvements to processes, structure, systems and training.

The Benefits We See from Having ISO 9001

  • Increased credibility – prospect clients looking for new suppliers, often require details of quality accreditation and a quality management system.

  • Increased revenue – in an industry which is truly global, having an internationally recognised accreditation like ISO 9001 helps potential overseas clients get a level of reassurance with the quality of your business operating far afield. Furthermore, having efficient processes helps with current customers’ satisfaction and therefore retention.

  • Improved customer satisfaction – continually adjusting processes to reduce errors, increases our clients’ confidence in us to deliver high quality services.

  • Continual improvement culture - we are constantly learning, reviewing, tweaking and improving. The opportunities that have arisen because of this have been significant.

  • Greater efficiency – we recognise that every individual has unique needs, and every client organisation has its own culture and requirements. Applying best-practice processes and focusing on quality makes the delivery of our services more efficient.

Finally, re-certifying for ISO 9001 each year is a real morale boost for the team. It validates their hard work: they are great at what they do and re-asserts that they work for a quality organisation which is leading in its field.

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