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United kingdom

​Why choose us in the United Kingdom?

  • Our experienced team of consultants have been helping people to find their new home in the UK for the past 30 years.

  • In a country with deep rooted traditions, we will be your cultural coach as well as your trusted home finder.

  • Location, Location, Location! We understand that most of you would love a room with a view, but this might be a steep price to pay Instead, we will carefully consider all your needs and make sure you end up with the best place for you, at the appropriate price.

  • To do your work well, you have to love what you do! Our consultants are passionate about their beautiful cities and would love to show you around and make you feel welcome

  • In a notoriously difficult market, we will use our long standing connections to secure priority viewings and put you ahead of the competition

  • Our educational consultants will help you navigate a complicated schooling system in order to find the best schools for your children

  • We will be there every step of the way!

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Relocating to London

The sprawling city of elegance, culture, history

and diversity

  • It is the largest and most densely populated city in the UK and one of the most desirable, powerful, influential and innovative cities in the world

  • Forever evolving, it is a beautiful and vibrant city is where old meets the new in equal force

  • A cosmopolitan city, best known for its iconic architectures, world-class museums, West End theatre productions, traditional pubs, black taxis, red buses, and tourist attractions.

  • Unlike other major cities of this size, it also has vast amounts of green space and the most beautiful and extravagant gardens

  • The City Of London has been a leading and global financial centre since the 19th century.

  • Whether enjoying a pint in one of London’s many historic pubs and rooftop bars, or a stroll along the banks of the River Thames, this charming city has something for everyone.

Relocating to the Home Counties

A Londoner’s escape from the  hustle and bustle of the city to the beautiful and blissful countryside

  • The Home Counties, bordering on London’s periphery, consist of Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent.

  • The phrase Home Counties comes from the army and navy personnel coming home from war during the 18th and 19th centuries

  • Some of the most affluent places to live in the UK are in the Home Counties, particularly in Surrey and Buckinghamshire

  • Unsurprisingly, they tend to attract growing families looking for their forever home, good schools, smaller, friendlier communities, an easy commute to London, or simply a less hectic lifestyle.

  • Surrey is home to one of the largest expat communities and a number of International Schools, as well as some of the best private British schools in the country.

  • Fast train connections to major London stations and ever improving transport links are part of the attraction of living in one of the Home Countries.

  • Beautiful country pubs, historic town markets, distinctive architectures, English charm, amazing countryside, can all be found here yet within easy proximity to London.

Image by Theodor Vasile
Image by Laurenz Kleinheider

Helpful Facts about London

Language: English

Currency: The British Pound Sterling, divided into 100 pence.

Units of distance: Miles

Units of measure:  The younger generation (post 1974) use the metric system, though the imperial system is still used unofficially by the older generation.

Electricity Supply: 230 Volts, 50 Hz

Driving: British people drive on the left of the road. There is a good motorway system servicing London, but delays are frequent. Driving is actively discouraged in central London.

Weather: The weather has improved significantly during the past few years, a result of global warming. Expect a fair amount of rain, cloudy and misty or crispy mornings, but also a fair share of sunshine and occasional high temperatures between April-September.

Favourite outing: The pub!

Senior Businessman

Eleni was very organised, very helpful, when looking at properties in London and afterwards with follow up assistance. Highly recommended and would use again. Matthew - Home Search

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