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Cultural training: a low-cost high-impact approach

Preparing international assignees for the work and daily living experiences they are likely to encounter in the host location is a form of risk management. Interacting appropriately with, customers, government, business associates, as well as employees is important in protecting the organisation’s interests.

Furthermore learning about, and understanding, host country practices helps new arrivals prosper more quickly.

How can employers best prepare their employees and their families, and so enhance assignment success ?

Some employers prefer one-on-one instruction from a qualified cultural trainer before departure and/or in the host location, while others prefer online options that assignees and their family members can study at their convenience. A combination of online and face-to-face is also an option.

Employers sometimes report that although they offer training, often staff do not take advantage of it – perhaps feeling they do not “need” it.

Since 2001 RW3 have been offering online training ( ). Their resource is available at a cost of US$350 per family.


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