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What makes out staff so great: For us, it's personal.

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

A few months ago, our Managing Director had a moment of realisation, waking up with the words 'To us; it's personal'. This profound insight became the cornerstone of our mission.

Every aspect of what we do at EWR for our assignees is personal; it comes from the heart, from a need to serve and help people at their most vulnerable times.

Our consultants dedicate their care, consideration and love into each interaction. They cultivate connections, showing genuine concern for families, children, and pets. They serve as compassionate sounding boards, empathising, feeling the stress, and riding the rollercoaster of emotions with you, all because they have experienced similar situations.

If the pandemic showed us anything, it showed us that our homes are a safe space where we can be authentic, live, love, and create memories—our Sanctuary. We have a deep desire to make this a reality for people.

Our service is not cookie-cutter; we tailor the service to suit the individual. From flights and accommodation to the 'speed dating' of the current rental market inspections, we make things happen for people..... because, for us, it's personal.


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