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FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME - What to look for at a rental Open for Inspection!

Fifteen minutes is the average timeframe allowed for most Open for Inspections, on rental properties. Not a lot of time to take in your possible next home, let alone make a formal decision.

These days there are so many factors to consider when looking for a rental property, it can be a minefield for the uninitiated. Which is why we have collated the following checklist of things to consider when you are embarking on this process, particularly for the first time.

Rental Inspection Checklist...

Security – Check to see if the building has security cameras, all gates and communal doors shut and lock. Once you are inside the apartment check to see if there are locks on the windows and doors and check to see if they are operational. If there is a car space, confirm if this is within an under ground garage, car port, behind a locked gate or on the street. All of these security aspects will also affect both your contents insurance and car insurance.

Storage facilities – Open cupboards, linen closets, wardrobes and even bathroom drawers to assess exactly what storage options you have available and what you may need to purchase if you choose the property. Think about what hanging space you might need for dresses or suits or will you need to get a step ladder to access top cupboards.

Cleanliness – Previous tenants may still be present in the property so this can be hard to assess however on exit they are required to leave the property in a 'reasonably clean' condition. Although this can differ from person to person and agent to agent. Whilst walking around the property, look to see if there are any stains on the walls or carpet that may need to be repaired or cleaned and any areas that may need attention before moving in.

Space – Ensure you take a tape measure to the inspection to do a rough calculation of where your large furniture items might fit. There are also some great applications on iPhones and androids to measure if you don't have a tape measure. Knowing the dimensions of the area for your fridge, washing machine and dryer are crucial when purchasing these white goods or checking if the ones you already have fit too.

Power points/tv points/internet etc - Check to see if there are tv points in the bedroom and where they're located in the lounge room as this may determine what other furniture fits around the TV area. Ask the landlord if the rental property is NBN ready and who the current or previous tenant was with as this can make it much easier to connect with the same company.

Utilities – Ask the landlord about the current utilities. Will you be required to connect gas, electricity and water? Some larger apartment blocks have some utilities included in the owners corporation and therefore are not billed to the tenants. Some apartments also have embedded networks which can restrict the options available when connecting. It is always useful to understand these things prior as they can be considered into the cost factor of renting the apartment.

Car parking – Always sight the car park that is available with the property. Some apartments have stackers where multiple cars can fit whilst others have dedicated car spots. If the car park is on a stacker, ensure you car fits and meets the requirements by body corporate for the stacker. You might also want to measure to see if you car fits in the parking spot. If you're inspecting a townhouse or home always ensure the garage door works, closes properly and can be locked. If parking is only available on street, check the local parking signage to see what parking is available and at what times - you may need to obtain a permit to park through the local council.

Other things to consider - Is there any damage to property that will need to be repaired? Can you hear the neighbours? When is the property available from? If in doubt, the agent will be able to answer most of your questions.

Most importantly... Does this place feel like home!

If like many, this check list seems like a lot to consider in 15 min, contact us to engage an Elite Woodhams Relocation Consultant to support you throughout the entire process. Our team of consultants are experienced navigators of these fast paced open for inspections and are a great second set of eyes that can be beneficial during your fifteen minutes of fame.


Written by: Jennifer Arnold - Client Account Manager


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