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The Importance of Relocation Services for your Graduate Programs

For many years, Elite Woodhams Relocation (EWR) has assisted our Clients relocate their newest hires under their Graduate Programs. Why is this? Firstly, on-boarding a contingent of Graduates from around the country, or even overseas, all at once is a major logistical project for Recruitment and HR departments. Outsourcing these logistics significantly reduces their workload during a time-critical period, so they can focus on other matters.

Secondly, professional support makes for a stress-free experience for the Graduate. They may be moving out of home for the first time or renting their first property. Organisations recognise the duty of care they have for these young employees. Navigating the potential pitfalls inherent in a relocation is key to a successful start. One important example is to ensure they don’t unwittingly enter into an unfavourable lease agreement.

Additionally, the demands of the program in the initial weeks can be intense, so graduates have no time to waste getting settled. They are typically searching for a new home in a highly competitive segment of the rental market: inner-city suburbs, with convenience and great lifestyle options being priorities. With over 20 applications per property, you need to stand out. Graduates are in a much stronger position of being successful with the additional, written support of a relocation company backing their application.

Finally, engaging a relocation provider creates a strong first impression of the organisation: One that is committed to investing in their people. These ‘bright stars’ are the future of the business and companies are keen to set themselves apart as an employer of choice. What better way to demonstrate this than to recognise the challenges of relocating and supporting them through that?

It’s important to note that such support doesn’t have to break the bank. We recognise that budgets are under pressure and often in these situations, a little goes a long way. Ensuring the basics are taken care of will minimise risk, increase efficiency and ensure a smooth start to what is hopefully a long and glittering career.


How EWR can help:

To help set your Grad Relocation Program on the right foot, here are some steps we take to ensure a seamless and successful transition:

  • Thoroughly understand the scope of project, i.e. number of Grads, timing, budget etc.

  • Determine suitable and cost-effective programs to fit within the company’s policy

  • Tailor the program and communicate to meet the individual needs of each Graduate

  • Most importantly, partner with HR to relieve them of the substantial tasks of a relocation, so they can then focus on training and onboarding of their new staff.

Our services can be flexibly bundled into packages to derive efficiencies or selected as a la carte style programs. In this new world, all our programs can be delivered virtually so together we can determine what best suits your company’s needs.

The following are some of the most popular services for Graduate programs:

1. Booking flights:

Coordinating flights can be very time-consuming, especially when dealing with several employees at once. EWR can book flights and even coordinate airport transfers from the airport to their accommodation.

2. Sourcing Temporary Accommodation:

EWR can source budget-friendly accommodation, fully furnished with equipped kitchens. With our local area knowledge, we can source options that are close to work, ensuring an easy commute…very important when arriving in a new city.

3. Moving Household Goods:

Most Graduates have not yet accumulated many possessions and often have minimal items to move. However, with what does need to be moved, EWR will source 2-3 quotes and offer cost-effective solutions for safe and timely delivery of their goods.

4. Finding the Perfect Property:

For most Graduates, this is their first time moving out of home and their budgets can be quite limited. It is important to first consider their needs. i.e. size, commute time, budget, etc. Also, whether they would like to live on their own, or perhaps consider shared accommodation - a great way to meet people and very cost-effective.


Our Consultants, with local area knowledge, will provide support and guidance to ensure Graduates avoid any pitfalls and more importantly, settle quickly into their new home so they can focus on their new role.

Every Graduate will have the care and support from our expert Consultants, who will guide them every step of the way. Here is some feedback from some of the Graduates we have assisted:

“Stephanie was amazing. Well organised and prepared for our house search. Kept following up with us on progress.”

“Jo was really patient and helpful, spent a lot of time with us to find us exactly what we wanted, and then helped a lot with the application process as well.”

“Kellie was amazing, very supportive, organised and patient. We couldn't have done it without her, and she made a stressful process enjoyable.”

It is important to set these Graduates on the right foot as they will feel valued and, in turn, more loyal to their company. To learn more about our experience in this field or discuss your particular needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Written by: Melanie Carrier - Global Client Services Lead


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