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Relocating in 2020... It is possible!

You have just said yes... The job offer sounds great, you have cracked open the champagne, but there are those niggling issues at the back of your mind...

How exactly are you going to move while Covid-19 still has a hold on most of the world?

We have been asked so many questions by people moving within the state, sometimes to regional areas, moving interstate and moving overseas in or out of Australia so it is probably good to address some of the main concerns.

Starting with the obvious, not all moves will be permitted at this time. If you plan to move overseas or between certain states within Australia, you may have to wait until either special permission is granted or border restrictions are eased.

In any event, there are things you can do to prepare. First of all there is what you need to physically take with you and this is a good time to cull. We all carry more ‘things’ than we really need. So why not jump online and see what you can sell or speak with some of your local charity shops as they can help organise a donation pick up or provide an open drop off location. When you have decided what you will take, the next question is how to take it. There are hundreds of small, medium and large removals companies in every state offering safe in person and virtual surveys. Most medium and large removals companies will be willing to deliver boxes if you want to start packing some items yourselves, however please ensure you've discussed how this may affect your insurance with the removalist before agreeing. Remember to mark everything in your box on the side and the room it came from and if possible, the room it will be going in to.

Assuming you are indeed able to travel and are not isolating or showing symptoms of COVID-19, then can you request the removalists to pack and uplift. Yes, this is permitted, but remember the removalists will be working with masks, social distancing and will be super vigilant with regards to hygiene. You can help them by providing the removalists with clear written instructions on what is not being moved or valuable and delicate items. Leaving signs on those items is a good indicator. We recommend having sanitiser,  soap and disposable towels in the bathrooms until the house is vacated.

Once you're ready to think about your arrival at your destination, ensure you prepare for possible restrictions in place. Mandatory or self-quarantine may be a requirement and this may be at your own cost or provided by the government. Quarantine is a great time to get started on finding your permanent housing. EWR's relocation consultants have been helping many individuals and families in quarantine find a home and local school via a virtual searches, including walking you through a property via FaceTime/video call or assisting parents in enrolling children with schools and answering any questions in real time.

Navigating the ever changing restrictions has its challenges, however wherever you are relocating to or from we can assist! Contact us.


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