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Temporary Business Visas – Surprising statistics ?

The Department of Home Affairs recently published its annual statistical analysis of the Temporary Business Visa program.

Selected statistics are reproduced below:

Source: Department of Home Affairs

Predictably activity fell substantially in 2020-2021 mainly as a result of Covid 19 and the resultant border closures. However perhaps not by as much (37%) as might have been expected. The reasons for this are likely to be varied, however it does seem to confirm our experience that applications in respect of senior roles and those with specialist skills have been considered more favourable than one might have expected.

Other relevant statistics include:

  • Numbers of Temporary Visas granted have declined very substantially over recent years. For example nearly 60% decline on numbers for 2018-2019, and up to 75% decline on numbers in earlier years such as 2012-2013

  • Very significant fall in Temporary Visa holders moving to permanent residency, consistent with the Government’s measures to substantially reduce the number of roles for which this is an option.

Some commentators expect there to be considerable pressure on the Government to take steps to reverse the constraints on organisations in bringing the skills they need into Australia, and to alleviate the capacity restrictions that have built up in recent years.


Written by: Nick Woodhams - Non-Executive Director 24/06/2021


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