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Tips and tricks too navigating "Pet Friendly" rentals.

If you plan on relocating your pet to Australia with you, you might wonder how easy it is to find ‘pet-friendly’ rentals.

Maybe you’ve surfed the ‘pets permitted’ feature on and seen that having a four-legged friend can significantly reduce your options.

And, yes - full disclosure - renting with pets can be challenging. However, don’t despair, we've helped loads of pet families Australia-wide!

Here’s our advice on making renting with pets a little less bumpy.

What are the ‘rules’ around renting with pets? If you are a tenant, it’s ultimately up to your landlord to decide whether they are happy to rent their property to you and your pet. Whilst the rules vary between states and territories (this article is helpful), and despite new legislation to help people renting with pets, the owner is the one who approves a new tenant. Whilst some owners (and buildings) are more pet-friendly, not all specify this on the rental listing. So, it is worth asking the agent if the owner might be open to pets ‘based on your application’ when determining your short list of what to inspect.

Our advice? Whilst it might seem tempting not to mention your pet on your application, failure to ask permission can breach your rental agreement. If, let’s say, your neighbours complain, then your landlord is within their rights to ask you to remove the pet or move out of the property.

How can I improve my chances of being approved with a pet? One of the first questions our consultants get when enquiring if a property is pet-friendly is ‘What type/breed is it?’ - small dogs and cats are often more straightforward than larger dogs. How old is the dog, and is it an inside or outside dog etc? When we are helping clients find a rental home, we encourage them to create a pet CV of sorts - a cute picture, some basic details (name, type, breed, weight and age), and educate the landlord on how many times a day it is exercise, its daily habits, it if it trained etc. A couple of pet references (from the vet/dog sitter or similar) can go a long way.

Our advice? Don’t forget to check the local rules regarding pet ownership in your chosen State or Territory - whilst it is a condition of entry for dogs/cats imported into Australia to be microchipped, you are likely also to have to register them with your local council.

Can I be charged more rent if I have a pet? Do I need to pay a ‘pet deposit’? Whilst nearly all the states and territories (apart from WA) say this is not allowed, it is something we have seen being asked for and offering it can help. A request to have the carpets fumigated against fleas at the end of the tenancy is not unusual, with tenants being responsible for any repairs or additional maintenance due to keeping a pet standard.

Our advice? Whilst it might not be necessary in all cases, offering a slightly higher rent than advertised can give you a competitive edge when looking to house your pet.

Need help relocating with your pet? Whether you want assistance with the pet transport component of your move or just want to find the right pet-friendly home to call your own, our friendly team of consultants can help! Give us a call today and let’s help make your move EASY!


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