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Top 10 Pubs in London!

The Mayflower: River Thames oldest pub!

The Mayflower pub is the oldest pub on the river Thames in London. It takes the name from the historic Mayflower ship, which sailed from the river Thames in 1620, reaching the New World. 

The Mayflower serves seasonal dishes and chef specials matched with a great beer and wine range, in a friendly atmosphere both for tourists and locals. But that’s not all! The Mayflower organises is the English spelling themed evenings to enjoy with your friends or with your family:

  • Quiz Night Tuesday

  • Pie Night Wednesday

  • Fishy Friday

Located in 117 Rotherhithe Street, London, The Mayflower gives you the opportunity to dive into the real London atmosphere. What are you waiting for?


The Queens Head: In the heart of Soho since 1736!

The Queens Head pub is situated in Piccadilly Circus, a popular meeting place for Londoners and tourists for centuries. 

At the Queens Head, people can enjoy a typical London meal: a good portion of Fish and Chips and a refreshing beer.

Here, surprisingly, you can find also a ballroom, where you can listen to music and drink yet another glass of beer. Located in 15 Denman Street, Piccadilly Circus, Soho, London. Are you ready for a crazy night?


The Victoria: A mixture of tradition and innovation!

The Victoria, situated at 10A Strathearn Place, Paddington, London, is created from an ancient theatre is English spelling.

It reopened on the 11th of August, after a building issue and is ready to serve its fresh and tasty meals.

Here you can enjoy a snack, a buffet or simply the main menu they offer. The Victoria is on the list of the London’s best Sunday roasts so let’s enjoy it!


The Ivy House: One of London’s pub treasures!

The Ivy House Community Pub Limited was a Community Benefit Society and is the London’s First Co-operatively owned pub. The pub has many surviving original features and fittings from the 1930s.

Positivity is key at the Ivy House, from daytime mother-and baby classes or classes for those who do not work to evening chess club right through to live music acts on the stunning stage. In the back room, you can also book a private event!

Here you can enjoy:

  • Delicious Sunday lunches accompanied by Jazz music

  • The Ivy House Pub Quiz every Wednesday

  • Yoga sessions every Sunday

  • Amazing burlesque evenings

The Ivy House Pub is situated in 40 Stuart Rd, London. Let’s enjoy a burlesque night! 


Rainforest Café: For all your family!

The Rainforest Café, located in 20 Shaftesbury Ave, London, in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, is a perfect café for your children, recreating the animals and the sounds of the rainforest.

At the Rainforest Café you can organize private parties, educational tours for primary school groups and also a Christmas Event!

The restaurant offers international meals, perfect both for children and adults.

Let’s have a tasty lunch absorbed in London’s Amazon Rainforest!


Culpeper: A handsome Victorian inn!

The Culpeper is a Victorian inn turned hotel and gastropub situated in 40 Commercial St, Spitalfields, London.

It is divided into:

  • The Ground Floor with its modern and large space 

  • The First Floor presents the Culpeper’s restaurant 

  • The Second Floor, where you can find the bedrooms

  • The Rooftop with a landscaped garden and an amazing view

Choose the light, bright ground floor for group catch-ups over a meal or come in summer months to laze out in a gorgeous rooftop garden, having a glass of wine or a fresh cocktail!


Prospect of Whitby: A beer garden on the river!

The Prospect of Whitby situated near to the Thames, at 57 Wapping Wall, Wapping, London, is full of history and tradition and this makes it unmissable.

The Wapping suburb is suggestive (inspiring) and enjoyable: away from the city of London, it presents a tranquil and uncrowded atmosphere.

The Prospect of Whitby boasts a large balcony and a beer garden on the river, giving an amazing atmosphere both in winter and summer. Let’s eat and drink right by the river!


The People’s Park Tavern: The Pub in the middle of Victoria Park!

The People’s Park Tavern, situated in 360 Victoria Park Rd, London, in the Victoria Park, allows you to get away from the noise of the city to enjoy a good meal and a fresh beer.

The People’s Park Tavern offers an enjoyable summer BBQ to taste wherever you want: in the park, at home or maybe in your office!

This is also the perfect place to organise your wedding to make it unforgettable. 

Don’t miss it and its BBQ in summer!


Harwood Arms: The Michelin Star Pub!

The Harwood Arms is hidden in the back streets of Fulham, at 26 Walham Grove, London. 

With a Michelin Star, the Restaurant deserves a visit. The Harwood Arms serves high quality British food, always maintaining a high quality thanks to its providers.

Are you ready to sample sophisticated delicacies?


The Andover Arms: Group games, Live Jazz - what more could you want?

The Andover Arms is nestled in Brackenbury Village, at 57 Aldensley Rd, Hammersmith, London. 

The Pub offers delicious and high-quality home-made dishes, accompanied by matching beverages: here you can taste great pints product by the Fuller and many types of wines.

The Andover Arms offers group games, live jazz, blues and soul music to accompany your evening with your friends or your family.


Written by Francesca Sada - Intern at EWR, August 2020.

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