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What is a relocation consultant? 5 ways they can make your life easier.

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

What is a relocation consultant? 5 ways they can make your life easier.

When I tell people I’m a relocation consultant, most people have no idea what that means.

So, I explain that I ‘help people who are moving to Australia’.

They then assume I'm an immigration lawyer or the person who helps fix them up with a visa. And, yes - helping people find the right visa and making that process simpler is one of the services we offer….but, the complete job description is a whole lot more complicated than that.

What a good relocation consultant does is closer to being a tour guide, real estate agent, taxi driver, local specialist and advisor all wrapped up in one.

Let’s explore 5 ways having one will make your life EASIER:

  • Destination Orientation: Moving to the other side of the world can be daunting. Sure, you might have been on holiday in Sydney. Or been to Perth on a couple of work trips, but looking at a city through the lens of setting up a home here can be very different. An orientation service is a great way to explore different neighbourhoods and find the best fit for your family, lifestyle, desired commute to work or budget. Maybe you’ve been offered a new position but need to decide if Melbourne is the right fit for your future. Or, you’re a business that wants to showcase the city to your recent recruit. This is where an Orientation service can be priceless. A half or full day exploring neighbourhoods with an itinerary specifically tailored to you or your client’s needs can be the difference between a smooth landing and getting off on the wrong foot.

  • Finding the right home: Looking for a family-friendly house in a desirable school catchment? Want an executive style one-bedroom within walking distance of the office? Need to secure a property before you even arrive? Finding the right home is one of the cornerstone services of a successful relocation. Having help with this component of your move can help save you time, money and the unnecessary stress that is usually associated with a move. Your designated consultant will help provide you with a list of suitable properties, arrange for property viewings (or view properties for you) and negotiate with landlords and real estate agents on your behalf. By leveraging both their market experience and industry contacts, you’ll also get a welcome headstart on the competition - super valuable in a rental market that is battling both strong demand and record-low vacancy rates.

  • Settling in services: Once you’ve found the right home, a relocation consultant can help take care of all the (boring) logistical details involved in the move. From helping with the shipping of household goods and settling up utilities, to connecting you with local service providers, such as doctors, schools and banks. Want help completing your condition report? Need someone to be there when your furniture gets delivered? Our consultants are happy to help with whatever components will make your move easier.

  • School Search: Finding help with sourcing the right school (or childcare) for our families is one of our most popular services. From getting an overall understanding of their options - public school vs private, Catholic or Independent, International or language focused - to assisting them with arranging school tours, finding the best options based on area/proximity to work, helping them with applications and all the other school uniform, Immunisation record, supplies related info that will help make the whole process more seamless.

  • Partner Support: In most cases, when we are assisting couples, one partner has been offered a position that involves making the move to Australia. The other partner has agreed to come along to support them. One of the most underrated aspects of a successful relocation is offering partner support. This might involve help with finding them a job (partners are able to work on eligible visa classes), advising them re social groups that will help create a sense of community for them and regular check-ins to ensure that both partners feel positive about their adventure in a new city.

When I moved to Sydney 20+ years ago, I wasn’t aware such a service existed. Having now helped hundreds of clients and families with their relocation to Sydney, I can see what a blessing it is to have the support. Having a dedicated person to help you make the seamless transition to a new city can make all the difference!

Need help making the move? The global mobility team at Elite Woodhams are standing by to answer any questions you might have - Give us a call today!


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